Myself about Me

fotoHello! I’m very glad you’ve joined me. Let’s get to know each other. People call me a comedy writer, maybe because my biography is full of sad details that make everybody laugh. For example, I’ve always hated math, yet somehow graduated from Kiev Road Engineering Institute. I won’t tell you how I managed to graduate my studies there – that’s more science fiction than comedy, but I did. The teachers gave me my diploma, congratulated me and asked where I would like to be assigned. I truthfully answered, that I always loved cities with a double name: Monte-Carlo, Buenos-Aires, Baden-Baden… So that assigned me to Kzyl-Orda, Kazakhstan. There, in Middle Asia, I’ve built my first bridge and wrote my first play. People were reluctant to step on the bridge, but they gladly went to see the play. This is how I abandoned the roads in favor of dramaturgy. Maybe this is the reason there aren’t enough good roads today (but there aren’t too many good plays either). In Middle Asia I’ve built my bridge, actually two: the first and the last… no, I won’t tell you exactly where it is – I only give the location to my enemies (maybe that’s why there are so few of them left). After paying my dues to bridge building, I went back to Kiev. While living there I actively collaborated with Moscow newspapers, journals and film-studios. Most of my time was spent traveling on the “Kiev-Moscow” Express. When I couldn’t afford any more train fare, I moved to Moscow. Later I recalled my undying love to double-named cities and repatriated to Tel-Aviv, where I currently reside. In both Kiev and Moscow I made my living from writing only, I was never employed anywhere… I didn’t even have the necessary “worker’s book”, a fact that made cops and bureaucrats of both capitals go into aggressive hysteria fit. That’s why I quickly joined the Dramaturges’ Committee of Kiev and then of Moscow, and later the Cinematographs’ Union of USSR and the Theater Workers’ Union. This shielded me from police brutality and allowed me to get food coupons from all these organizations. First I only wrote for vaudeville. Vaudeville is my first love. As any first love, it wasn’t the last – I started cheating on it with dramaturgy. To be a dramaturge is a difficult job indeed. Chekhov was right to say, that if in the first act there’s a gun, then in the last act it must take a shot at the dramaturge. This is exactly how it went: I wrote plays and scripts hoping that the plays will find their place on stage, and the scripts will turn into films. But back then it worked quite differently: the scripts were directed… into the trashcan, and the plays were shot… down on the day of the premiere. Then I started to write short stories. Since I am a man of sentimental nature, I mostly wrote satire: those who wrote it back then had good reasons to cry. For one of those tear-stained stories I received my first International Award. My stories, due to negligence of editors, regularly appeared in major newspapers and magazines. Many of them were translated in other countries by sentimental optimists just like me. During those years about ten collections of my stories were published in the USSR, but since their content was satirical, each book was as thick as matza-bread. Yet the stories were constantly translated and published in Bulgaria, Canada, Poland, Germany, Czechoslovakia, Israel… In Tel-Aviv I created and published the humoristic magazine “Balagan” (Hebrew and Russian for “mess”, “pandemonium”), which was bought not only in Israel but in all the countries of the former Soviet Union, as the title illustrated well what was going on over there. I also published the colorful and funny kids’ magazine “Balagasha” and the satirical newspaper “Nepravda” (“un-truth”). The newspaper’s logo was a caricature by M. Zlatkovsky: a headless leader guides his people under a flag that resembles an axe. The newspaper was unsurprisingly popular: the Soviet paper “Truth” has lied to us for so long, we were seeking integrity in the “Un-Truth”. In Moscow I created the “Grotesque” Theater, in Israel – the “Cacadu” Theater. In both of them the director Alexander Kanevsky, despite violent protests from the dramaturge Alexander Kanevsky, forcefully edited his plays, preparing them for stage. From 2006 to 2010 four books were written and published: the novel “Laugh, Clown!” (Published by “Zebra E”, Moscow), “How to get to Golgotha”, the sequel to “Teza from our block” (published by “Zebra E” together under one cover), a collection of short stories and humorous poetry called “Sentenced to Laugh” (published by “Phoenix”, Rostov-on-Don) and the tragicomic mystery-novel “Bloody Mary” (published by “ACT”, Moscow). These books were noticed and awarded: the Yuri Nagibin Award (Israel Writers Union), Gold Medal of Franc Kafka (Prague), In April of 2012 “Zebra E” publishing house will present my new book – a collection of vaudeville plays, miniatures and monologues “My Varieties”. I also wrote a new play called “Simultaneous Love Session” that several theaters are already interested in… Just now I’ve finished working on a new mystery-novel, a sequel to “Bloody Mary”, called “Cursed on Order”. fotoIn conclusion to this autobiography I must humbly declare: this site will publish my very funny creations. Keep in mind the French saying: “the wit is not on the tongue of the teller, but in the ears of the listener”. So if you don’t find what you are reading funny, there’s probably something wrong with your ears. Please see a doctor and come back later. If this time you do like it, feel free to praise me, I simply love being praised. If you still don’t like it, blame it on the theaters, the publishers and the studios – they are used to it. Contacts :  (Marina)  +972-54-3257886 (Alexandra)