(total circulation more than 1 million books)

“First Born”, collection of short stories and short plays, 1968, Kiev.

“What about you?”, collection of short stories and scenes (co-written with R. Vikkers), 1971, Moscow “Kidding but seriously”, collection of short stories, monologues and scenes, 1974, Kiev “Spare the women”, collection of short stories and monologues, 1979, Kiev “Chance encounter” (a “double” collection including my short stories along stories by L. Naumov), 1979, Moscow “Weirdoes”, short stories collection, 1982, Kiev “Weirdoes” broad edition, 1984, Czechoslovakia “Hello, I can see you!”, collection of short stories and plays, 1985, Moscow “Teza from our block”, novel, first published in Russia in 1989, republished in Kiev and in Tel-Aviv in 1990, 1992, 1995, 2000. “Cities and people”, a journal of travels around Europe and USSR, 1990, Moscow “Hey, who is this?”, collection of short stories, 1990, Czechoslovakia “Let’s turn red!”, collection of short stories, 1990, Moscow “How I discovered Israel”, collection of short stories and parables, Tel-Aviv 1993, republished in 2000. “Six men in a car, to say nothing of the seventh”, collection of humorous stories, Tel-Aviv, 2003 “Laugh, clown!”, novel, 2006, Moscow “Teza from our block”, novel in two parts: “My name is Manya” and the sequel “The way to Golgotha”, 2008, Moscow “Condemned to laugh” – collection of short stories, parables and ironic poetry. Rostov, 2010 “Bloody Mary”, humorous detective novel, Moscow, 2010 “My Varieties”, collection of monologues, parables, scenes, short plays and variety pieces, Moscow, 2011 over a million copies printed and sold overall!


«MUR3-555», children’s play (co-written with Robert Vikkers), 1963 «Surprise», one-act play, 1965 «Three steps to youth», one-act play, 1968 «Vitya Chubchik is late for rehearsal» – vaudeville for children, (cowritten with R. Vikkers), 1970 «0:0 we win» – musical comedy (co-written with R. Vikkers), 1974 «Seven Robinsons», eccentric comedy, 1977 «The three floor polishers», comedy, 1978 «An open case of love», musical play based on “The three floor polishers”, 1978 «The fifth wheel», musical comedy, 1980 «This is our city», comedy, 1985 «A new house on an old block», mono-play, 1986 «Lioka loves Liuka», melodrama, 1988 «A vacation story», comedy, (co-written with R. Vikkers), 1986 «The great pretender», melodrama, remake of “Lioka loves Liuka”, 2004 «My name is Manya», musical play based on “Teza from our block”, 2006 «Kill the python», psychological farce, 2010 «Simultaneous love session», comedy, 2011

Variety stage productions:

«A thousand years and a day», music-hall show, (co-written with R. Vikkers), Kiev, 1970 «A ticket to Olympus», theatrical show for the Olympics, Moscow, 1975 «Hit vs. Hit», 1989, Moscow «Double bed for sail», theater production, 2005, Tel-Aviv

Stage pieces for the duo «Tarapunka and Shtepsel»

«The Funny Concert» 1967 «Top to bottom», 1971 «Dare to care», 1981

Animation screenplays:

«Mishka plus Mashka», Studios of Ukraine, 1970 «How Columbusdiscobered America», Studios of Ukraine, 1971 «The loving husband», “Souzmultfilm”, 1974 «Bring Rex back!», (co-written with R. Vikkers),”Souzmultfilm”, 1975 «Sloth», Studios of Ukraine, 1979 «About Ivan Kuzmich», “Souzmultfilm”, 1991

Screenplays for feature films:

«Forty minutes to dawn», (co-written with R. Vikkers), “Belorussfilm”, 1970 «The seven Robonsons», Gorky Studio, 1972 «Condemned to laugh», Dovzhenko Stidio, 1978

Screenplays for television:

«Who called for Tamerlan?» (co-written with R. Vikkers), Ukrania Television, 1970 «Funny Adventures of Tarapunka and Shtepsel», Dovzhenko Studio, 1970 «Top to bottom», Dovzhenko Studio, 1973 «Two-bedroom comedy with all utilities», Ukranian TV, 1982 (this screenplay as well as previous two were co-written with R. Vikkers, Y. Timoshenko and Y. Berezin). «The thirteen floor», Central TV, 1981 «Weirdoes», TV series in 13 episodes, Slovakian TV, 1985 «Forty minutes to dawn», (co-written with R. Vikkers), “Belorussfilm”, 1970 «The seven Robonsons», Gorky Studio, 1972 «Condemned to laugh», Dovzhenko Stidio, 1978 Contacts : mkanevski@mail.ru  (Marina) +972-54-3257886 (Alexandra)